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Theodor Patsalidis – violin
James Wylie – alto saxophone
Thimios Atzakas – electric guitar
Antonis Anissegos – fender rhodes, piano, composition
Pavlos Georgiadis – tuba
Giorgos Klountzos-Chrysidis – drums

Based in Thessaloniki, this new band started rehearsing in March 2018. Soon coming. 


Antonis Anissegos – live electronics


Jannis Anissegos – flutes
Maria Anissegou – cello
Antonis Anissegos – piano

The Trio IAMA was formed in 2004 by the siblings Anissegos and is dedicated in performances of new and original compositions, mainly composed for the trio.

Following composers composed already for the Trio IAMA:

Antonis Anissegos (GR) – Chris R. Dahlgren (USA) – Alexis Agrafiotis (D) – Steingrimur Rohloff (IS/D) – Christoph Maria Wagner (D) – Beat Fehlmann (CH) – Michael Heisch (CH) – Periklis Liakakis (GR) – Ori Barel (USA) – Stefan Thomas (D) – Dieter Hermsdorf (D) – Johannes Quint (D) – Carlos Stella (ARG) – Marc Yeats (ALBA) – Patric Simmerud (S) – Dimitris Papageorgiou (GR) – Michalis Lapidakis (GR) – Panagiotis Kokkoras (GR) – Leontis Chatzileontiadis (GR) – Dimitris Economou (GR) – Stylianos Dimou (GR) – Manolis Vlitakis (GR) – Pavlos Michailidis (GR) – Zesses Seglias (GR) – Ioannis Angelakis (GR) – Nicolas Tzortzis (GR) – Haris Kittos (GR)

The repertoire of the trio includes also compositions from the baroque area till the 20th century, such as works of Bach, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Ravel, Martinu and Crumb.

Trio IAMA also works with Electroacoustics and the members are familiar with the nature of improvisation.
The Trio performed in Germany, Greece, Cyprus and Switzerland.
In March 2010 appeared the first CD “Present Perfect, Vol. 1” with seven new compositions of composers from Thessaloniki.


Floros Floridis – saxophones, clarinet (electronics)
Antonis Anissegos – piano (electronics)
Yorgos Dimitriadis – drums (electronics)

After having collaborated in different groups for the past 15 years the three musians reunite for the first time in a trio. Grix celebrates their origins in a contemporary way, combining melodies, sonorities, and the rhythms of greek music with free improvisation and electronics.
The Trio released in 2009 the CD “Sweet, Sour, Sharp & Soft” on the label Jazzwerkstatt Berlin/Brandenburg (JW041).

For mp3 tracks visit

NPC (non player character)

Antonis Anissegos – piano
Oliver Potratz – double bass
Ivars Arutyunyan– drums 


Thimios Atzakas – oud, guitar
Antonis Anissegos – piano

The duo ΣΩΜΑ was born right after the change of the century in Berlin. Since then many guests past by, like Sokratis Sinopoulos (lyra), Bijan Chemirani (zarb, daf, bendir), Maria Thoidou (voice), Wu-Wei (sheng), Margarita Papazoglou (dance), Savina Yannatou (voice), Michalis Siganidis (double bass), James Wylie (sax), Hayden Chisholm (sax), Dine Doneff (bass, perc).
The double CD “ΣΩΜΑ” which also includes video tracks from a live concert, will be released in December 2009.
In 2011 ΣΩΜΑ toured with Shoji Hano (drums), and decided to continue this trio by the name ω-ΣΩΜΑ. The trio released in summer 2012 “Playing with Light” on Gligg-Records.
For further information visit soma.


Antonis Anissegos – live electronics
Oliver Steidle – drums, kaoss pad

The power-electronics-power-drums-speednoise duo ddaA started in 2008 out of need for doing hardcore music. After many intensive sessions the duo made its first recording on December 5th in 2009, that was released in July 2010 for free download on Clinical Archives (ca389).
ddaA released in summer 2012 “Killed By Candies” at Gligg-Records.

Card Castle

Antonis Anissegos – piano
Mike Majkowski – bass
Christian Marien – drums

A new piano trio, starting right after the end of the Mayan calendar. The trio’s name is an anagram of Kurt Vonnegut’s title of the novel “Cat’s Cradle” from 1963, that describes the end of our civilization by dropping the bomb “ice-nine”.

best before unu

unu (Antonis Anissegos) – electronics
bestbefore (Andreas Karaoulanis) – animation

unu and bestbefore met in March 2010 on stage at a Festival in Thessaloniki, following the invitation of the festival director to perform together.
The match was instant and after the success of their performance, they decided to form the duo best before unu.
Since then they produced together many short audio/visual pieces, and performed often in Greece and in Germany.
The intensive electronics of unu found a visual counterpoint in the moving images of bestbefore, generating complex sonic-visual formations. While audio frequencies are analyzed and passed into image motions, which in turn feed back to the music, a never ending circulation of influence travels in both directions.
As an enrichment of the collaboration, best before unu appears also with live piano, adding an organic dimension to the creative process. A journey through morphing landscapes and imaginary organisms, stimulating the audience to continuously perceive new associations.


Antonis Anissegos – piano
Daniel Schröteler – drums

The Duo started in the mid 90’s in Cologne, lasted till the formation of Lynx and was reanimated in September 2015 with a new name. Recording will follow soon.


Yuko Kaseki – dance
Antonis Anissegos – music

KAYA performed first time in Berlin in 2005. Since then followed many duo performances (Germany, Switzerland, Greece) and performances with international guests, both dancers (Elena Shtyk, Tanya Luzay, Gyohei Zaitsu, Katrin Geller, Felicitas Ritter, Osamu Jareo) and musicians (Kanoko Nishi, Frank Gratkowski, Oliver Steidle, Anat Cohavi, Barbara Buchholz, Periklis Douvitsas). In 2009 their dance-music piece Umbra was performed in Berlin in collaboration with the Theater Thikwa. The piece will receive further performances in may 2010.

For videos of KAYA visit and for informations about Yuko Kaseki


Antonis Anissegos – audio
Patrick K.-H. – audio, animation
Andreas Karaoulanis – animation


Conny Bauer – trombone
Audrey Chen – cello, voice
Antonis Anissegos – piano


Biliana Voutchkova -violin
Antonis Anissegos – piano

Biliana Voutchkova and Antonis Anissegos met in 2009 and have performed as a duo in numerous occasions ever since. Their main focus is on the music of today, but they enjoy musical journeys through many different epochs and styles ranging from baroque/classical music to experimental/improvised musical forms. The duo appeared at concert series/festival such as Klangwerkstatt Berlin, Neue Musik im Stadthaus Ulm, Randspiele, Intersonanzen Potsdam, Salon Christophori, Sonntagskonzerte and collaborated with Helmut Zapf, Elena Kakaliagou, Matthias Bauer, Erik Drescher and Alexander Frangenheim among others.


Antonis Anissegos – piano
Andreas Bennetzen – double bass
Jürgen Grözinger – percussion


Lena Kut – voice, electronics
Viktor Batki – 7 string viola, electronics
Antonis Anissegos – keys, electronics

Ustone began in September 2015.


Antonis Anissegos -piano, fender rhodes/wurlitzer, synthesizer, sampler
Kalle Kalima – guitar, pedals
Danny Schröteler – drums
Samuel Rohrer – drums

Lynx started in 2004 and is a doubledrumleadrhythmsectionpowerband. Based on Antonis’ compositions the music is developing in collective improvisations. Combination of arithmetical structures and spontaneous decisions. Studioprize 2005 of the Culture Senat in Berlin. The first CD “Lynx Fux Fox” was released in 2008 on DefKaz records. The second CD “Boon and Bane” was released in March 2012 at the berliner label “La Lune”.

For mp3 tracks visit

member/guest in following units:

European Music Project

Ensemble Junge Musik

Taner Akyol 3

Taner Akyol – bağlama
Antonis Anissegos – piano
Sabastian Flaig– perc.

Potsa Lotsa Plus

Silke Eberhard – sax, clar.
Jürgen Kupke– clarinet
Patrick Braun – tenor sax, clarinet
Nikolaus Neuser – trumpet
Gerhard Gschlößl– trombone
Marc Unternährer– tuba
Antonis Anissegos – electronics


Silke Eberhard – sax, clar.
Nikolaus Neuser – trumpet
Antonis Anissegos – piano
Boris Bell– drums, composition

Home Stretch

Philipp Gropper – tenor sax
Antonis Anissegos – piano
Dan Peter Sundland – e. bass, composition
Steve Heather– drums, electr.

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